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Dodgers Limited Shohei Ohtani

Dodgers Limited Shohei Ohtani

Two-way star player, Shuhei Otanicontinues to improve from his surgical intervention, facing the season NBA 2024 with Los Angeles Dodgers.

The ninth baseman from California opted to receive the two-time American League Most Valuable Player award, despite the injury he suffered in September. The contract signed by the Japanese 700 million dollars It is the largest recorded in the history of the sport. However, he learned that in the coming campaign he would not undertake obligations as a bowler, and consolidate his work only as a designated batsman.

Dodgers pitching coordinator talks about Shohei Ohtani's recovery

This has also been detailed Los Angeles Dodgers They are cautiously approaching his recovery as a potential player in the coming seasons, a capacity that has yet to be determined. However, “Sho-Time” resumed his training at home. Dodger stadiumWith his personal trainer and translator, Ibi Muzuhara.

All players will begin reporting in approximately two weeks. while Dodgers They will kick off the regular campaign on March 20-21 in Seoul, Korea, where we'll likely see it in action Shuhei Otani Then they will resume training on the 22nd of that month.

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