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Students from Tamaulipas go to the Mexican science and engineering fair Grupo Milenio

Students from Tamaulipas go to the Mexican science and engineering fair Grupo Milenio

students Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT) will participate in Mexican Science and Engineering Fair (FEMECI) 2024which will be held in February 2024, where they will present A Smart camera To study Seed germination and plant growth.

Project led Ramon Alejandro Escobedo Rocha And Carlos Armando Ríos Villanuevastudents of the Telecommunications Engineering degree at the Faculty of Engineering and Science (FIC) at UAT, are advised by Professor José Ramón Martínez Angulo.

The UAT students' project was awarded Second place at the Tamaulipas 2023 Science and Engineering Fairorganized by the Tamaulipas Council of Science and Technology (Cotacyt).

Looking to the future, university students are already preparing to improve this prototype, as they have managed to secure participation in the Mexican Science and Engineering Fair (FEMECI) 2024, which will be held in Aguascalientes In February.

This project not only highlights the academic excellence of UAT, but also highlights the interdisciplinary importance of integrating knowledge from engineering, information technology and environmental sciences.

Smart camera to study seed germination and plant growth.

How does a seed germination chamber work?

The project creators explain that this automated experiment chamber is used in controlled environments Monitoring sensors For critical parameters such as Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxideamong other things.

These sensors collect data and provide it to the system to control the environment inside the room. The data is then stored in an external interconnected expansion memory and sent via Bluetooth to a computer for analysis. Processing and analysis.

Students point out that although there are different camera systems with simulations of controlled environments, few of them address security technologies. He controls And Watching In the laboratory for specific applications such as this.

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The project proposes to use the Internet of Things combined with computer systems to build a smart camera that allows the environment in laboratories to be monitored and controlled as experimental equipment Studies seed germination, as well as plant growth and development.

The design is based on low-cost commercial electronic technologies, including microcontrollers as a processing unit, sensors and actuators for efficient monitoring and control.

This not only allows us to consider resource care, but is also in line with sustainable development goals, such as building resilient infrastructure, promoting industrialization, and encouraging… Innovation and sustainable forest management, combating desertification, and halting land degradation and biodiversity loss.