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Star Industrialists Punished For Using Social Networks - SwingComplete

Star Industrialists Punished For Using Social Networks – SwingComplete

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

In a stroke on Wednesday afternoon, February 16, social networks exploded with unfortunate news for the Industriales team participating in the 61st edition of the National Baseball Series. He is linked with one of the best players in the group and the offensive leader of the capital in the current season.

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This is the Blues’ third starting man, Andres Hernandez, who is currently fourth in the squad, due to his excellent production with the bats at the start of the campaign, much to the delight of manager Guillermo Carmona and his fans. Campus.

In fact, In a note posted on our website in the past few hoursThe player’s performance has been highlighted for the Industrials affair this season, to the point of being considered the “most comprehensive hitter to date in the competition” and “the new star of the team with the most titles in National Series history.”

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It was also posted on the “Por La Goma” Facebook pageAnd Andres could have been punished by Havana County baseball authorities for a total of five games without watching a game in the 61st Series, for more reason than absurd, evidence that those who made the rules and “laws” in Cuba believed they owned their people. As if it were raw material, without any right in their decisions.

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For a better understanding of the topic, we completely copy the statement issued in this regard by the above-mentioned source:

To whom it May concern

Official note of the page from the gums.

Through this, all of our page followers and baseball fans in DC have been informed that the DC Baseball Regional Department has decided to suspend and suspend for 5 games, athlete Andres Hernandez, the leading RBIs and OPS of this 61st National Series, for the simple fact of sending us a video our end By our 27,000 followers, noting that athletes and managers are strictly prohibited from contacting alternative media for interviews, videos and photos.

Honestly, this is disrespect for anyone, by name and surname, because in this video only the athlete congratulates us and nothing else, it’s disrespect for DC fans and disrespect for this page that day in the day the only thing he does is support baseball. Frankly, this leaves much to be desired from a poorly functioning regional leadership, which does not like to admit its mistakes and prefers to hide behind its power to silence things that may be wrong..

If there’s one thing we’ve done here, which is respect politics and not mix it with sports, we’ve never done the opposite, but today the first thing we do is ask that the kid forgive, the only thing he did was make us a video of a few seconds to congratulate us.

I have a lot of feelings now to express, but the first thing is shame for such an absolute measure and lack of everything, who or those who promoted it cannot imagine the damage they do to baseball, because on this page is the only thing that has been done since day one To support baseball. Every day you yourselves destroy the sympathy of those who want to support and do, because it is easier behind a desk, to impose and threaten than to reach and build, it is easier to intimidate a team of young people than to reach, support and encourage them even when they have personal problems.

I’m just going to tell you something because rubber will continue its course, without getting into issues that aren’t just about baseball and sports, you’re not going to take us off our good credit, but what I did today, is the fans’ already disrespectful of the rich history of Cuban baseball.

Brother Andresetto, I sincerely apologize to you, I never thought bail would go that far.

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On the subject, there are a lot of comments, something seems to be recurring in Cuban baseball and this is hurting the image that may still stand for what was once the sport of all Cubans. SwingFull We will continue to follow the development of this news.

And you, dear reader, what do you think of that?