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to caution! Paunovic and Hierro give stern warning to Chivas players at Clausura 2023

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The footballers have already received a strong message from the board and coaching staff that their performance will be analyzed.

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Chivas Council led Amaury Vergara and Fernando Hierro realize that Guadalajara He needs to appear again in Mexican football as soon as possible, so in the sports project he led The former Spanish player has established a strong position with footballers in the Clausura 2023.

who eTitle acquired by Clausura 2017 under the tutelage of Matías Almeidathe herd has kept a low profile, so the task is to restore the competitiveness of the Rojiblanca team, so they are clear that the football playersThey want to take a more active and leading roleTherefore, if they do not perform as expected, they must leave the club for the opening of 2023.

“art Device , During his personal conversations with the players, he made it clear to them that in this new phase You can’t make a lot of changes, it’s an atypical tournament and they were betting on those who actually stayed. But, those who will remain, at the end of Clausura 2023, If the numbers don’t support their continuation, they will start making decisionsInterviewer Alejandro Ramírez explained on his YouTube channel, La Chorcha Sports: Those who have to leave, let them leave or if the children really need space, start freeing up spaces.

reconnaissance How long will it take Bonovich to be a champion with Chivas?

How long will it take Bonovich to be a champion with Chivas?

1567 people have already voted

Hierro alluded to this with additionse Víctor Guzmán and Daniel Ríos will be the only ones For this tournament, so that they would give the youth a vote of confidence Luis Puente, Marioni Hamm, Jose Tala Rangel, Diego Campello, among many others.

When will Chivas debut in Liga MX?

After concluding his participation in the Heaven Cup, Guadalajara will already be preparing its presentation for Clausura 2023, the same as It will take place next Saturday, January 7, 2023 When people from Guadalajara visit Rayados at BBVA Stadium.

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