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Sports University is a stronghold of science in Cuba

In a special way, the honoring ceremony highlighted the continuing work and height shown in the three study centers: Physical Activity and Sports, Psychology Applied to Sport and the Instituto Superior Latinoamericano de Ajedrez (ISLA) study center for its high level of impact.

In the case of Game of Science, Grand Master Vivian Ramón, Director of ISLA, noted that the institution seeks to revitalize and increase talent training, thanks to the technological capabilities we have through the installation of the specialized classroom “Che Guevara” managed by the Chinese company Haierenergy.

Chess will be revitalized on the island, as outlined by the historic leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro and also announced the visit of the President of the International Federation of Russian Discipline, Arkady Dvorkovich, next month.

In this sense, Dr. Aldo Pérez, Vice President of the House of Graduate Studies, commented on the importance of the work of the research projects and programs of the Sports University of Cuba, with 11 investigations in 2021 added high. Valuable and vital in the social and economic development actions of a nation.

He said we need to scale up and deploy high-impact strategies so that the entire real estate community is interested in our projects, where innovation reigns, and the application of new technologies, along with the use of innovation.

According to the vice-rector, the authority needs to speed up the procedures for obtaining patents, scientific and innovative registrations, and increase its international cooperation with decision-makers and with foreign universities.

He added that this faculty of 300 professors is part of these projects aimed at highlighting the investigative work of the University of Cuban Sports, as called by the country’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

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Over the next few years, the goal is to increase doctoral training, which currently has 85 researchers and 126 of them willing to defend their graduate theses.

Cuban Flag Day is celebrated on January 15 every year, because on such a date, but in 1960, during the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Cuban Society of Speleology, Fidel Castro said: “The future of our country must be the future of men. About science.”

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