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Snapchat is now able to create avatars using artificial intelligence thanks to this functionality

Snapchat is now able to create avatars using artificial intelligence thanks to this functionality

You can literally create the selfies of your dreams!

Dreams is available on the latest version of Snapchat

Snapchat never stops with innovation. announced the social network Launching the dream feature that benefits from its integration with artificial intelligence tools. Thanks to this novelty, Users will be able to create photos from a real selfie, Which will change according to the theme packages offered by the app.

According to the Dreams blog post on this social network It’s the next big Snapchat revolutionafter introducing Lenses in 2015, which brought augmented reality effects to selfies.

How does Snapchat Dreams work?

Like other AI image generators, Dreams uses artificial intelligence to produce unique selfies. With these capabilities, it is hoped that users will be able to “create gorgeous images that transform their character into new identities, whether it’s a mermaid in deep seascapes or royalty in the Renaissance.”

Video shared by Snapchat Displays the Dreams feature as a tab within the app. While Themes or “Filters” are located in the Camera Roll section called “Memories”.

Function Creates eight free avatars, but additional creations can be obtained through in-app purchases. Currently, Snapchat only allows one person to appear, although it has announced that this number may increase in the future. It also doesn’t let you create images with custom prompts, but that’s likely the way to the tool’s future.

on, Snap Vice President of Product Jack Brodysaid in one interview Recently:

We’ve always strived to create value for the Snapchat community by doing fun things, [y] They’re sometimes a little silly and a little weird…and I think Dreams fits that.

Dreams is rolling out to Snapchatters in Australia and New Zealand. It should be available globally in the next few weeks.. to get, The latest version is required from the Snapchat app on your device.

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Snapchat has expressed its interest in taking advantage of the revolution in tools based on artificial intelligence, several months ago. In February, the social network introduced “My AI”, the integration with ChatGPT performs a similar function to what we have seen on other platforms, by offering users, from the paid version, suggestions, ideas and information on various topics, but without leaving the platform.

And Dreams’ arrival proves that despite the weird and scary things its AI has done, Snapchat will stick with it.