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“Skype’s Decline, Favorite Video Calling App of the 2000s, Overshadowed by Teams, Zoom, and Slack” |  daily menu

“Skype’s Decline, Favorite Video Calling App of the 2000s, Overshadowed by Teams, Zoom, and Slack” | daily menu

Skype has become a secondary video calling app since its purchase by Microsoft and especially since the pandemic, when a large portion of its users started choosing other platforms like Teams, Slack or Zoom.

Skype is a video calling platform that facilitates meetings of members located in different locations and this also allows to make calls and send instant messages, as well as share files with other users.

born in the 2000s, It is positioned as a preferred choice among mobile phone and computer users to connect with other users. It was five years when eBay bought it, while Microsoft did so in 2011.

In recent years, other similar platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Slack, While services like Facebook and WhatsApp, owned by Meta, have implemented video calling options, Skype is no longer a priority for many users, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

According to an analysis by CNBC, Skype has gone from 40 million active users to 36 million, according to a spokesperson for the platform. In contrast, Microsoft Teams – the direct competitor of this other platform – went from 250 million monthly users in July 2021 to more than 300 million in the first quarter.

Among some aspects that would justify this unfavorable position of Skype is the speed with which it implements functions, because this medium remembers that when Skype 2021 announced the possibility of group video calls for up to one hundred participantsIn Teams, the option to chat with up to 300 members has already been available since the previous year.

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For Microsoft, “Skype will continue to be an excellent choice for people who love it and want to connect through messaging, voice and video calls, and Bing chat,” according to a spokesperson for the aforementioned media.