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Sinassa’s mission was highlighted by the Animal Health and Welfare Committee of Córdoba

Sinassa’s mission was highlighted by the Animal Health and Welfare Committee of Córdoba

Cordova – in a frame joint work of the National Service for Health and Quality for Agricultural Food (CINASA) with national ministries of health; Environment, Minister of Agriculture, regional departments of agriculture and livestock, health, coordination, safety, environment and production, municipalities and the private sectorl Preventing the spread of bird flu In unaffected areas, the The Animal Health and Welfare Committee of Córdoba, formerly Cobrosa, highlighted the agency’s actions.

Thus, at a meeting of the Animal Health and Welfare Committee of Cordoba, He highlighted the procedures developed by Sinassa in the context of the avian influenza cases detected in the province. Also, during the meeting, Authorities and technicians from the Cordoba Regional Center in Cinassa reported on the status of the situation with regard to avian influenza in Argentina and especially in Cordoba They noted that communication channels have been enhanced to make notifications of symptomatic birds compatible with the disease.

They also commented on the work methodology being developed. In this regard, the Director of the Cordoba Regional Center Gustavo ZabaletaIt highlighted the detailed work between public and private sectors and health procedures in the field of regional center agents. He pointed out that “all efforts are aimed at preventing the spread of bird flu and preserving the productive sector.”

for his part, Catalina Boito, the Provincial Livestock Curator, highlighted the urgency of getting the inter-institutional work done from the start. “This has allowed us to coordinate and communicate, to know what each organism must do to avoid the spread of disease, and to enhance resources.”. next to He pointed to “the excellent actions of Sinassa, which provide us with the state of the situation in the region.”

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in turn, Juan Carlos Guibudo, President of the Poultry Chamber of Córdoba, highlighted the “interdependence between the public and private sectors in the quest for early detection of the disease.” In the province, which reduces its dispersion.” He added: “Sinassa Cordoba should be congratulated and highlighted for its leadership in this matter.”

On the occasion, it was reported that the province’s foot-and-mouth disease and brucellosis vaccination campaign started on March 6 and will continue until May 5. In this first campaign, all cattle and buffaloes will be vaccinated. In addition, calves between the ages of 3 and 8 months must be vaccinated against brucellosis simultaneously. It was reported from Sinassa that Córdoba plans to vaccinate approximately 4,850,000 heads.

Representatives of the health entities of the province, the Argentine Chamber of Poultry Producers and Córdoba also participated in the meeting chaired by the Secretariat of Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Córdoba.