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Shenise Palacios, Miss Universe 2023, shows off the pancakes prepared by her mother on her Instagram account

Shenise Palacios, Miss Universe 2023, shows off the pancakes prepared by her mother on her Instagram account

miss universe 2023, Shenis PalaciosIn an Instagram story, she showed traditional “buñuelos,” a Nicaraguan dessert made by her mother, the same dessert the young woman sold so she could study for her university degree at the now-confiscated University of Central America (UCA).

Buñuelos made from cassava and cheese are now iconic and a symbol of the personal struggles that the Nicaraguan beauty went through to become a professional woman, but they are also an indication of Palacios’ pride in conveying a touch of culinary and musical richness. country of origin.

In the photo you can see fresh sweets as well as the inevitable homemade honey, prepared by her mother Raquel Cornejo.

The social networking story is set to music with the song Nicaraguan Fusion 4 Collection will be devoted to Miss Universe 2023 “We love you Shenice.”

In the background of the image you can hear the chorus “You are a buñuelito in honey, your name is a beautiful saying, chinis palacios we say with the power of a volcano,” which is part of the poetic stanzas that resonate in the publication.

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The Nicaraguan dessert called “buñuelo” has never been more popular nationally and internationally because it has been associated with the life story of the Nicaraguan woman recognized as the most beautiful woman on the planet.

“Miss Fritters”

Broadcasters of a TV channel run by sons Daniel Ortega Rosario Murillo mocked the Nicaraguan representative for selling buñuelos – a dessert made from cassava with yoghurt or cheese and honey – to help pay for their studies.

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“Miss Buñuelos,” said one broadcaster, while Sandinista sympathizers on social media dubbed her “Miss Tranquera” for participating in an anti-government march in 2018.

The young woman, whom Nicaraguans saw themselves reflecting on, is a graduate in social media from the Jesuit University of Central America (UCA) in Managua, which was closed last August by the authorities on charges of being a “centre of terrorism.” The beauty still has no date to return to Nicaragua.