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The goddess renovates her yard in Miami: ‘I’m going crazy’

The goddess renovates her yard in Miami: ‘I’m going crazy’

Gods He is going through a great moment in his personal life. A few months after the Cuban singer arrived in the United States Bought a house in the country. The house that was found In complete repair To become a home according to your desire.

As usual, the singer wanted to make her followers on Instagram witness this process, and commented that she was happy to see her home become the ideal place for her and her family. It is designed according to your desire and size so that you can fully enjoy all the amenities.

“Now I’ve really gone crazy. I’ve gone crazy. I said that before the 25th I’ll go home after I finish everything.”During her presentation, La Diosa demonstrated how a machine raises the floor outside her home. “The whole courtyard. This is all going to break now. Look how crazy it is. I’m already burned out.” Now this entire floor will be ripped out and made brand new, which is what I wanted. “And the fence too, everyone goes here,” he said, happy to see how his plans were coming true.

“It’s a real papaya that weighs 40 kilos. There’s no respectable floor there,” said the artist, who was impressed by the power of the machine that lifted the floor of her yard.

At another point in the live interview, which he posted on his Instagram account, he said: “I am happy.”

Later, The Cuban artist showed the progress in her new homesuch as a kitchen that is in the process of being finished.

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The goddess is “very grateful to God,” she declared to her followers, to whom she also showed the boxes scattered throughout the rooms and some other details of her home, which He renovated the floors, kitchen, bathrooms and patio, another great renovation project.

“I wouldn’t say you’re crazy, you’re very clear, set your house to your liking and live it with your family, enjoy it to the fullest, you fought hard for this and you deserve it, congratulations Goddess.”, “They deserve it, celebrating their first birthday They also deserve it in their new home, and its blessings”, “You are doing a good job, this is what you are working for”, “Whatever is new for the new year 2024, you are worth it for”. Everything you went through and what you fought for, the person who doesn’t like the way you talk should leave, and leave spaces for those who support you. Congratulations or “Move forward, the sky is the limit,” she said to some of her followers who congratulated her on making her dreams come true.

The Goddess hopes to spend Christmas at home and have a big party with her friends to celebrate all the good things they have brought her this year. In 2023, his life and the life of his family changed 180 degrees after leaving Cuba to start a new phase in Miami.