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Shakira responds with a picture of her children to the first photo of Pique and Clara Xia

Shakira responds with a picture of her children to the first photo of Pique and Clara Xia

Gerrard Pique He took another step into his new life by posting this Wednesday His first photo with his current partner, Catalan young man Clara Xia Marti.

The former Barcelona footballer, affected by the pressure of the tabloids since announcing his separation from the singer Barranquilla Shakiramore than six months ago, doesn’t seem to be tainted by the judgments of the paparazzi.

In fact, her first Instagram photo caused such a stir that comments on the shot numbered in the thousands within hours.

And in the midst of the reactions, it stands outShakira’s first reaction after posting. In the opinion of the media such as “El Nacional”, from Catalonia, it is supported by the fact that the “ex” still follow each other on the networks.

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Shakira reacts


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Just a few hours after the image of Pique and Clara Chia appeared in the official account of the 2010 men’s world champion with Spain, Shakira has made an unusual comeback in her Instagram stories.

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Shakira and breakfast for her children.

the Barranquillarawho, compared to other artists, shares little of his daily life on the networks, posted a photo of the breakfast he prepared for his two children, Milan and Sasha, on Thursday.

“My mom’s pies,” the artist captioned a story in which a pie in the shape of Mickey Mouse was seen.

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Then, in another related photo, featuring a chewed tortilla, Shakira added, “Well, these were inedible, but… Fortunately my kids are patient with me In the morning”.

This reaction, as “El Nacional” points out, is subtle, because the outlet indicates that the answer is “You have Clara and I have the kids. The custody will be entirely yours when they leave for the US, sooner rather than later, and singer Shakira, Colombian billionaire, world’s hottest…prepare breakfast”.

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