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Seven EU countries have started using COVID certification today: key characteristics

Seven EU countries have started using COVID certification today: key characteristics

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Seven countries in the European Union, including Germany, Greece and Denmark, started this Tuesday First Edition European certificates allow tourists to travel Without restrictions on being able to prove that they have received the coronavirus vaccination, have recently had a negative test or have already outlived the disease.

It is the first group of countries to implement the European System of European Certification and Validation, but other countries such as Spain are expected to join in the next few days.That it has to do so next Monday, June 7, as recently announced by the head of government, Pedro Sanchez.

output Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland, although in cases like German it is a file gradual entry Since at the moment they only distribute the certificate in some of their regions or certify only one of the three possible options.

In the testing phase since mid-May, This Tuesday, the common platform was officially launched which will allow verification of security items containing QR codes for all certificates that will be joined by countries where their entire system is ready.

    EFE / New York State
EFE / New York State

Officially valid for the entire European Union from 1 June, The new European platform foresees a transition period for countries furthest behind until they can join the project until mid-August.

The holder of an EU Covid digital certificate may prove this while on the move within the European Union You do not pose a risk of spreading the virus because you have been vaccinated, have recently recovered from an illness, or have recently had a negative test result.

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The document is free and in several languages, it will provide basic medical information about the traveler’s condition in relation to the coronavirus, But it will not allow personal data to be shared or stored during the process for validation when the owner exposes it to travel.

The certificate will show the vaccine the passenger received (Photo: EFE/Raúl Martínez)
The certificate will show the vaccine the passenger received (Photo: EFE/Raúl Martínez)

With all this, member states are expected to Do not place additional restrictions on it such as compliance with quarantine or additional PCR testing Upon reaching their destination, although they are exclusively national authorities, everything will depend on the decision of each government.

In fact, the twenty-seven agreed to “emergency break“For Urgently re-impose restrictions if a high risk of infection or the spread of new dangerous variants from a particular country is detected. In order to coordinate, countries taking this step must notify both the European Commission and its EU partners of the changes and ensure that they are proportionate and non-discriminatory measures.

This Monday, Brussels has raised a series of clarifications about the regulation regulating the European certificate to facilitate its application, but also to call on capitals to initiate a gradual withdrawal of all restrictive travel measures, not only for certificate holders but also for those who do not even have this address, moving from low-risk areas (regions ” green” or “orange”).


Thus, the CEO of the community makes it clear The vaccination certificate will be valid from 14 days after the completion of the vaccination schedule (Two doses in all vaccines except Janssen vaccine, which is one dose) It is suggested that the certificate for those who have recovered from the infection is valid for 180 days.

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The Committee also notes that Linked PCR Certification can be done up to 72 hours prior to flight and encourages Member States to accept rapid antigen tests while increasing their effectiveness, Valid for 48 hours before the flight.

Anyway, these are recommendations from the executive community that the Twenty-Seven can commit to following.They will analyze it this Wednesday at the ambassadorial level for the first time, but they are not obligated to follow them.

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