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Selimar Adams says the lawsuit against WAPA was "simple"

Selimar Adams says the lawsuit against WAPA was “simple”

Selimer Adams Cassold, the new female presenter of the Teleons news broadcast, spoke for the first time about leaving Wapa and the factors that prompted her to leave the station.

In an interview with La Gomez, Adams Cassold admitted that leaving the station where he had worked for 30 years was “a complex decision”.

“Essentially after 30 years one is rooted and develops a very deep and healthy relationship with colleagues,” he said.

When asked what prompted him to accept being a part of Teleones’ “Los Notices”, he said, “It’s not a secret that I have a legal case. It makes the situation of the other station I worked for very embarrassing. In that case, trust that the decision is very simple.”

On the other hand, he stressed that “the idea of ​​a refreshing new project, where people can see a different approach in the daily news, makes me very excited.”

He said legal action was being taken before the courts over the case he filed against Wapa for employment discrimination, equal pay and retaliation law.

Regarding the possibility of reaching an agreement with the channel, he promised that “everything is on the table”.

Finally, when asked if anyone was embarrassed by his departure from Wapa, he said, “I don’t know.”

“They are decisions that one has to make. Doing what one has to do in one’s life and working with good faith as I have done, it sows a good path … When you treat those around you with dignity, with respect and affection, that is what you get, people who do not understand it, I am for them Sorry, “he concluded.

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