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Sebastian Caicedo "made the decision" and was going to file for divorce from Carmen Villalobos

Sebastian Caicedo “made the decision” and was going to file for divorce from Carmen Villalobos

Speculation about the alleged breakup between Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo has increased in recent days due to the notorious estrangement between the couple, Mainly because of the different projects each one works on.

evenly, Gossip show host I know everything, Ariel Osorio, confirmed last week that the couple signed a divorce about 20 days ago and that there will be no turning back.So far.

“They told us that about 20 days ago, The couple had signed the documents to split the blankets. It seems that when they reach this point there will be no turning back.” specified caller.

The program of Channel One, which predicted the separation of Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomic, also recently indicated that the decision to end the love bond would have been made by the Bogota artist.

According to the TV space, the distance and the large number of projects Villalobos has done will be the main reasons behind the actor’s decision to step down. In addition, he noted that today he does not feel very close to the art world.

It has been speculated that it was an initiative of Sebastian to say: “I am no longer in this relationship.” He felt a little alienated, as if he was in one aspect of artistic life, ” Osorio added at the beginning.

Then the famous presenter added: “This is a rumor that has long been circulating among the people closest to them, And everything seems to indicate that he made the decision.”

In the face of these rumors, the famous actor spoke a few days ago on the same program and confirmed that he did not break up with Barranquilla. He also explained that they are at a point where they have to think about the future.

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However, the artist took the opportunity to admit that he had been estranged in recent months and reiterated that this is due to purely labor issues, since he lives more in the United States than in Colombia.

People think we are wrong because one does not post things on social networks. When something happens we will say it. More than 13 years together to explain why we’re not in networks, it doesn’t seem to me, ” Rule.

He later confirmed: “I live in Miami, so my time there is with my business, my company, and my investments. Here in Colombia I have a farm business. I’m coming and going.”

Sebastian Caicedo recently stated on a gossip show that after the pandemic he devoted himself to making money because he realizes that acting is a very changing profession.

“I’ve done things independent and in the digital part, Above all, there are many new opportunities. However, you have to do everything, have plan A, B, Z and eggs in different baskets, “ is over.

Speculation about the alleged split between the actor and Villalobos began a few weeks ago after his followers realized that they had not uploaded pictures together on social networks for a long time.