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Science and innovation, pillars of government management

Science and innovation, pillars of government management

“Government based on science and innovation is a complex issue that needs a comprehensive view, it must be applied within the characteristics of each territory and entity, and it must allow us to see the changes that generate impacts.

“We all have to keep thinking and perfecting this system. It has to be a process in which we all contribute”; the sector chief reflected on the topic at the workshop in which CITMA delegates from all provinces and managers at the national level participated.

The Governor of Villa Clara, Alberto Lopez Díaz, highlighted the importance of training government cadres and leaders, to implement these new ways of doing things, and the need to provide all concerned with the tools to manage science, innovation and application in the practice of each municipality.

An important exchange took place on the first experiences of dynamic structures of science, technology and innovation activity such as science and technology parks, high-tech companies and front companies. Renewing experiences linking science to production.

Master intervened. Rafael Torralpas, Head of the Total Science, Technology and Innovation Project and Director of the Havana Science and Technology Park. There are results: the introduction of business fabric, investments, international agreements, exports of services, alignment with government policies.

Usnay Miguel Colina Rodriguez, First Secretary of the Party at Villa Clara, highlighted the importance of applying science to all leadership processes as an essential thing in these times.

Dr. Gilberto Quevedo Sotolongo, Director of the Science and Technology Interfaces Company of Central University of Las Villas, explained the effects of this community’s work in favor of development and the connections made between science and the business fabric.

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Roberdanes Tamayo Portales, Director of Technology and Innovation at CITMA also participated in the session, introducing first experiences in technology parks, high-tech companies and front companies.