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Medicine is evolving and digitization is a reality

Medicine is evolving and digitization is a reality

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Medicine is evolving and digitization is a realityjoint Inaki Peralta, CEO of Sanitas, during his speech in the second Wake Up Edition, Spain! , the event organized by EL ESPAÑOL, Invertia and D + I.

“At Sanitas, since we saw digitization as a reality, we considered it fair to develop digital tools,” he recalls. In addition, since 2016, the company has already launched its first video consultancy and “Today there are 3300 doctors who spend about a third of their day on videoconsulting.”

A tool promoted during the Covid pandemic. Of course, “a patient who uses it once becomes addicted to this type of medication,” he confirmed by way of clarification that it is still in use even though direct consultations have already returned after the restrictions.

Inaki Peralta, CEO of Sanitas

Additionally, video consulting improves accessibility. “The most grateful customers are those who have the least access, such as rural areas of Spain. or populations in which access is more complex,” Peralta emphasized.

An example is that “many patients have access to a physician from another independent community. And vice versa,” he emphasized. He added, “We have also moved doctors who come from home. Not being in a particular place helps ease access.”

In this way, digitization is the primary challenge. “We are trying to be the spearhead. It is fair to give the best tools “These are the people who entrusted us with their health,” the company’s CEO said.

Finally, he stressed that digitization is not the only goal. In fact, he emphasized, “The most important thing is that Spain leads a center for digital medicine among the population where we have a lot to contribute. In our region we are imparting new practices in Latin America. We have all our capabilities launched in Chile and Mexico.”

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