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“Satan” will accompany the solar eclipse on April 8

“Satan” will accompany the solar eclipse on April 8

An astronomy expert shares details of the solar eclipse and the passage of Comet Diablo.

The world is about to witness a total solar eclipse, which will be accompanied by Comet Diablo.

Comet 12P/Pons Brooks, also called Comet “Diablo,” will be visible as the solar eclipse passes, in areas where the eclipse reaches 100 degrees, said Roberto Schoengarth Carias, national director of scientific research and astronomy at Western International School. % of the total.

“I think this solar eclipse lends itself, for example, to people with good professional camera equipment to take some beautiful pictures, because the total eclipse will be seen, and some planets will be seen, depending on how the camera works. It looks like a comet,” Carias said. Diablo may come out.

Karias confirmed that comet “Diablo” is not far from the sun, and in regions such as Mexico, Canada, and the United States, there is a high probability of seeing it.

Carias stressed that “an expert who has good knowledge of the timing of exposures and everything related to the total solar eclipse can take a picture of Comet Diablo next to the solar eclipse.”

In the world there are countless theories about this total solar eclipse, but Karias ruled out that it would cause three days of darkness.

Roberto Carias added that in Honduras with a 44% partial solar eclipse, darkness will not be perceived because the clarity of the sun will only decrease by 30% and will be barely perceptible.

Karias recommended viewing the solar eclipse with the appropriate tools to enjoy the passage of the moon in front of the sun.

It should be noted that experts and astronomy lovers are preparing this Monday, April 8, to monitor and analyze these two phenomena that come together.

04/04/202415:24 h. / Jose Carcamo

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