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A 'super vortex' has been identified in Antarctica that could spell disaster for humanity

A 'super vortex' has been identified in Antarctica that could spell disaster for humanity

Antarctica is suffering from global warming.
Credits: Pixabay

Climate change continues to spread in the world, and one of its results is the emergence of a “super vortex” located in Antarctica, which has begun to accelerate, making it a warning to humanity that it could be exposed to a disaster, especially for the lower part of it. The planet, according to a geochemist at Columbia University in the United States.

by: Herald

The meteorological phenomenon of the “super vortex” is known as the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, and according to experts on the subject, it is described as “the strongest and fastest current on the planet,” which is why geochemist and physician Frank Lammy described it and was quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying, “It is perhaps the most important current in the climate system.” “For the Earth.”

How does the Antarctic “super vortex” affect Earth?

According to the Columbia University expert, the Antarctic vortex is advancing at an accelerating speed, which is why they estimate that it is destroying more sea ice in the planet's 14-million-year history, as Dr. Lamy described.

In response to the above, the geochemist warned that sea levels around the world will rise, which will put humanity under a large band of frozen water. “This loss of ice can be attributed to increased heat transfer to the south,” the expert said.

What constitutes a “super vortex”?

The vortex was recently located blocked by sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) which occurs when temperatures rise in the stratosphere and cold air quickly descends into the polar vortex.

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