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Santo Domingo Mayor Este condemns 'attack' against city council teams

Santo Domingo Mayor Este condemns ‘attack’ against city council teams

The mayor of Santo Domingo Este, Manuel Jimenez, denounced this Friday that with the entry of new garbage collection trucks, several mechanisms have been activated in order to Boycott the work of the city council.

Order National Policely al Public Prosecution “Expedite the dismantling of the mafia elements that are still resisting disengagement from the municipal garbage collection service.”

He adds that the “unscrupulous” cut the engine hoses to two of the new cargo trucks, sabotaging their management.

Jiménez emphasized that corruption in garbage collection in this municipality implied diversion of roads by operational personnel, for the purpose of charging companies and private companies; illegal transfer of aggregates in exchange for private benefits; garbage weighing fraud; Political control of the road, among other things.

He pointed out that criminal prosecution agencies should intervene in this procedure to identify those responsible and bring them to justice.

“We will not allow anyone to stop the solutions we are building,” he said.

On the other hand, he referred to the alleged vandalism of the August 5 purge, in which he requested criminal investment from the National Police and the Public Prosecution Service to “bypass the authors of the material and identify the educated authors” regardless of the cause. They are businessmen, employees or politicians.

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