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San Marcos reprogramó para el sábado 2 de abril el examen de admisión para Medicina Humana y las áreas académicas de Ingeniería y de Humanidades y Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales. Foto: ANDINA/Renato Pajuelo

San Marcos: Find out the new admission date and in which races the results have been validated | News

The National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) announced that it will verify the results of the entrance examination on Saturday 12 March, corresponding to the field of health sciences, with the exception of the Professional School of Human Medicine.

And in a statement issued this afternoon, after the University Council, the Dean of America also indicated that she will certify the results of the entrance examination in the academic fields of Basic Sciences and Economics and Management, which was held on Sunday, March 13.

In addition to, Rescheduled for Saturday 2 April Entrance exam in human medicine and academic fields of engineering, humanities, legal and social sciences.

One of the applicants, Noel Vladimir Clemente, from the Huancavelica region, entered the Faculty of Tax Administration in 25th place. He said he was angry that the exam was canceled because, he revealed, he prepared despite the difficult circumstances he faced. I had to study.

“My father is devoted to raising bees and livestock. I have often had to study without light and without good food and I know how difficult it is to study in these conditions. Together with my father we must work very hard to educate my younger brothers; that is why I sacrificed so much in order to get a job vacancy “.

at no additional cost

Registered students will not have to pay any additional cost to take the new entrance exam on Saturday, April 2nd.

“They will not pay a sol at all. The errors that have been made, deficiencies and irregularities that may have occurred, will not be charged at all (on applicants),” the rector said at the weekend.

It should be remembered that on Saturday 12 March, 9,108 applicants from the field of health sciences underwent their evaluation; And on Sunday the 13th, it scored 5071 in Basic Sciences and Economics and Management the same thing.

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On Saturday, March 19, 6,774 young people applied for the engineering field. While there was no entrance exam on Sunday the 20th (targeting 4,695 applicants in the humanities, legal and social sciences).

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