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San Andres: Citizens of Uzbekistan detained offshore of island - Interrogation Unit

San Andres: Citizens of Uzbekistan detained offshore of island – Interrogation Unit

Radars The National Navy located the six boats in the early hours of Saturday, August 13 Moved in areas and times not allowed by water Saint Andrew

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The warnings continued when officials from the United States and their counterparts in Colombia confirmed they were on board Citizens of Uzbekistan (Asia) on the irregular migration route.

According to officials, reactive patrols are being formed Tactical units of the National Navy, Colombian Immigration Judicial Police and CTI, They intercepted the boats and confirmed that they were illegally transporting a total of 58 illegal immigrants.

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According to the action report, they were among them Four are citizens of Uzbekistan, one from Chile, one from Ecuador and 52 from Venezuelawho intended to reach Nicaragua through a migrant smuggling route.

9 Colombians arrested for rounding up illegal immigrants

Migration of migrants

Migrants will be deported and Colombians will be prosecuted.

Nine Colombian citizens were captured in the operation. Accused investigations are prosecuted.

The boats were seized by the National Navy and irregular settlers were launched Administrative clearance processes for evacuation Through the Migration Colombia San Andrés Regional Office.

And while humanitarian aid was provided to those detained, the history of civilians Uzbekistan Y Whether their ultimate destination is America and their background is checked.

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Special forces from the Caribbean Air Group, San Andres and Providencia Specific Command and the Coast Guard also participated in the operation. HSI ICE Group of America.

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