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Babalavos Predictions for Cuba: Divination or Ritual Manipulation?

Babalavos Predictions for Cuba: Divination or Ritual Manipulation?

Many Religious leaders associated with the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba Rituals of divination have been performed “in search of better solutions and advice to guide religious and non-religious people”. Casa del Caribe Facebook pageA government agency from Santiago takes care Afro-Cuban culture.

from the fall Lightning on Matanzas supertanker site There is a growing popular perception that something extreme is dangerously affecting the island. All religious sects raise their prayers to heaven on the networks, some warn of punishment, while others give this regime the sign of “Osorbo”. “It’s true that Díaz-Canel is bad, but he also had bad luck. He didn’t land because he ordered,” says the Miramar resident. The truth, of course, has added a series of disasters to bad governance This calls for cancellation of the offer and some speculate that “from above”.

Since the appointment of Miguel Díaz-Canel as dictator A plane crash, a typhoon, an epidemic, a popular uprising, a historic hotel explosion, a series of breaks in the energy system (according to the official media) have led us to say “we are healthy”. Finally, At a critical moment in the country’s fuel crisis, lightning struck the Guiteras thermoelectric plant in Matanzas, followed by another at a supertanker site.What could have been The worst fire in Cuba Y Consuming too much accumulated oil.

After Madanzas, And many Cubans look not to the government, but to the sky. According to the Casa del Caribe Facebook page, Many provinces like Pinar del Río, Havana, Matanzas, Las Tunas, Granma and Holguín will join the religious effort., who would have already “performed their rites and divination.” But only activities in the public light Santiago Branch of the Yoruba Cultural Society of Cuba. The cited page shows photographs of omen rituals and results of “food feasts, etc. Cuban ancestors and especially those linked to the Olokun cult, as a sign of divination conducted by the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, a subsidiary of the province. Santiago de Cuba“.

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It was announced on Thursday afternoon The opened sign read OFUN BARABut not much detail is given except that “as a central prophecy, it prescribes respect for the ancestors and constant help for their protection and spiritual guidance.”

Papalao Juan Martin Borduando, head of ACYC’s Santiago branch, recognizes and maintains that this is important, according to the state-owned Casa del Garib. The religious leaders of the country are doing as much work as possible so that Cuba and we and Cuba can move forward We will overcome the difficulties that may interrupt the course of the Cuban revolutionary project”.

However, from Miami, The Papalao, but with an anti-Castro identity, is Carlos ValdesKnown for his political reading of this year’s Cuba letter, he condemns the island’s provocations for considering it. A manipulative act. Page wise interview Cupida Now, Valdez warns, “What these people are going to do is complete nonsense. It pleases the ears and the mind of the people: ‘What’s going to happen, we’re going to solve it’ (…) If they are to be extreme papalaos and they’re going to give a sign to the whole world, what’s going to happen.” How could they not predict what was going on?

For Valdez, the problem is not so much with the oracle’s conclusions, with the identity, but with the interpretation itself that is presented to him The Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba (which has repeatedly been accused of complicity with the regime): “I always say [sobre la Letra de Año] Information given to people, information handled by state security (…) they’re going to do the same thing when the letter of the year is drawn”.

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Papalao of Miami warns the islanders The disasters “are the result of Cuba’s degeneration (…) You don’t have to blame any god. It is simply that Cuba is a disaster“.