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Russia: The provocation in Bucha seeks to obstruct negotiations | News

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denounced, on Tuesday, that the events in the city of Bucha are a provocation that seeks to derail the ongoing negotiations with Ukraine in order to end the conflict.

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Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the Russian military had nothing to do with the killing of civilians in Bucha, “What is the reason for this apparent false provocation whose authenticity cannot be confirmed? We are ready to believe that the reason is the desire to find a pretext to thwart the ongoing negotiations.”

Lavrov explained that the Western media began to show the bodies in Bucha to badly accuse the Russian forces, at the exact time when the progress of negotiations between Moscow and how it became known.

“For the first time, the Ukrainian side put on paper its readiness to declare its neutrality, non-alignment and its non-nuclear state, and for the first time declared its readiness to refuse to deploy weapons of foreign countries on its territory and to conduct exercises on its territory with the participation of foreign military personnel, except with the consent of all the guarantor states of this treaty, the future treaty, Hopefully, including Russia,” said Lavrov.

The Foreign Minister emphasized that when the events in Bucha were published, the Russian forces had already left the city, “Three days after our army left Bucha, the provocation we are talking about was organized there,” he said.

“The Russian side is ready to work honestly and methodically at the negotiating table. But if the Ukrainian delegation continues to say that additional steps are necessary from us, and if it continues to refuse even to discuss disarmament and disarmament tasks, the return of the rights of the Russian language,” the Russian Foreign Minister said.

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