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Russia tests first launch of hypersonic missile from submarine

Russia tests first launch of hypersonic missile from submarine

Moscow, Russia.

Today, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Russian Navy for the first time tested the launch of hypersonic cruise missiles “Zirkon” from a submarine.

According to the statement of the military entity, the missiles were launched from the submarine “Severodvinsk” located in the White Sea against a naval target in the Barents Sea.

In total, two missiles were launched, one from the surface, and then the other from a depth of 40 meters.

Describing the test as “successful,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, referring to the first launch, which was carried out on the surface of the sea-based missile.

The Russian military stated that the flight of the missile, which was launched from the depths, “also complies with the required standards.”

Russia had already tested this type of missile in 2020 from Russian ships.

During surface tests, the launched missiles reached a maximum height of 28 kilometers and destroyed targets located 450 kilometers away.

These missiles are capable of developing a hypersonic speed exceeding Mach 8.

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