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Ozuna conecta cuadrangular, Gigantes derrotan 2-1 al Licey

Round Robin – Shook Ozuna home, Giants beat Lacey 2-1

Marcel Ozona had a home run in the fifth inning, Gigantes del Cibao beat Tigres del Lesie 2-1, this Wednesday at Estadio Quesquea Juan Marechal.

With this win, Sibao’s team consolidated its lead in first place in Round Robin with a record 6-2, Licey finished second 4-4, and the Eagles and Stars tied for third with a score of 3-5.

In a match that started late due to rain, the Giants’ mountain body combined to allow four strokes of the blues.

The winner of the match was Eni Romero (1-1, 4.15) who completed five rounds with one stroke, one walk and five strokes. Ryan Cosmall tackled it.

Albert Abreu (1-1, 0.87), made 5 1/3 innings with three hits, earned run and three hits, took the backhand.

Marcel Ozuna hit a single kick at home to Albert Abreu in the fifth inning and the Giants led 1-0.

Juan Francisco in the ninth inning led one field to the right in the second round for Team Cibao.

The Tigers recorded their run on a single composed by Luis Barrera at number nine.

for Giants Marcel Ozuna 2-1, scored, RBI, on home soil; Hanser Alberto 4-2, record; Juan Francisco 4-1, pressed.

by Licey Luis Parreira defended 1-1; Sergio Alcantara 3-1. Emilio Bonifacio 4-1; Hanley Ramirez 4-1.

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