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Ronald Acuna, Jr. hooked up Tablazo, giving Venezuela the advantage

Ronald Acuna, Jr. hooked up Tablazo, giving Venezuela the advantage

By Guillermo Sanchez

La Vinotinto jumped into commitment by being the leader of a tough group that will battle the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to duel for elimination in the second hour.

Omar Lopez has made some adjustments to his lineup, because of the confidence that comes from knowing that no matter what happens, he will face the second in Group C.

  1. Jose Altuve 2b
  2. Anthony Santander RF
  3. Glaber Torres BD
  4. Salvador Perez C
  5. Ronald Acuna CF
  6. Andres Jimenez SS
  7. Eugenio Suarez 1b
  8. Eduardo Escobar 3b
  9. David Peralta LF
  10. Jesus Lozardo b.

Venezuela got up early against Israel in the World Classic

In Jose Altuve himself got a ticket, Anthony Santander hit a single with a line to left fielder and Salvador Perez would negotiate first base for Ronald Acuna Jr.’s inning to reach.

A 95-mph dunk behind Israeli pitcher Robert Stock was hit by “El Abusador” at a 20-degree incline and 76 mph to send him about 211 feet on a liner to the right fielder, bringing a hairline to the pool.

Minutes later, Andres Gimenez would get a new passport so they could score after one man with a powerful right-footed line from Eugenio Suarez, Salvador Perez and Ronald Acuña Jr.

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The match already featured a 3×0 margin in the first episode.