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Robert Lewandowski responds to Lionel Messi with a request at the 2021 Ballon d'Or gala |  Football Curiosity

Robert Lewandowski responds to Lionel Messi with a request at the 2021 Ballon d’Or gala | Football Curiosity

Several days have passed since the Ballon d’Or and the opinions of the person who was, for many, the party’s biggest victim, Robert Lewandowski, were only known on Monday.

The Polish striker, who became empty in 2020, when he appeared to be the absolute winner, due to the cancellation of the concert, started as a favorite with Lionel Messi. In the end, the Argentine narrowly won the award in the vote.

In the speech, Lío dedicated a few words to his opponent. He asked FIFA to award him the Ballon d’Or “which they owe” to Bayern Munich: “I want to tell Robert that it is an honor to fight with him. I think you deserve the Ballon d’Or, everyone agreed last year that you were the winner. I think France Football should give you The Ballon d’Or you deserve and get it like you won it last year.”

Many fans, journalists and others called Rosario’s statement “noble” and gave him every reason, Lewandowski deserves his award.

Well, the aforementioned 33-year-old footballer finally spoke about what happened that Parisian night, but his comments left a lot of cool. Complete controversy on “Moc Futbolu” in his native Poland.

He referred primarily to France Football for the award ceremony:There was sadness, I have nothing to hide, I wanted to win the prize … I can not say that I am satisfied but on the contrary, I feel dissatisfied“.

He then thanked that no matches for his club had been played that week, indicating that he would not have attended the ceremony if he had known the end result in advance. All because of his anger.

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And while he asserted that it was an honor to compete with Lionel Messi for the Ballon d’Or, he took the opportunity to cast doubt on his heartfelt message:I would like your statement to be frank, not just hollow words“.

As someone says, he didn’t like what the ex-Barcelona said…