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No Mercy: Ryan Garcia slams Jerfonta Davis after defeating Isaac Diaz

No Mercy: Ryan Garcia slams Jerfonta Davis after defeating Isaac Diaz

After what was Gervonta Davis’ victory over Isaac Cruz, fallout and statements about the fight began to emerge. The North American was surprised by the Mexican and had to suffer too much to be able to achieve victory, which was not expected in pre-fighting. Ryan Garcia He was not one of those who did not want to remain silent and express their respect.

Kingry He chose to tell about his feelings about the fight through social networks. Twitter was the portal of choice for the Californian, who was unhappy with his compatriot’s performance and told him so. with harsh words Ryan Garcia He underestimated Davis’ victory and again challenged him in a match between the two.

“Gervonta gets away with fighting with class C fighters. He is the weakest of all the lightweights. His strongest challenge was Leo Santa Cruz, and today he was on the verge of losingThey were the first words that the 23-year-old expressed on the bird’s social network. After a while, the boxer continued to post tweets against Davis.

In his last show, Garcia defeated Luke Campbell by technical knockout

“He said it would be easy to hit me, and then it would be easy to do it,” he quipped. He also added, “Tank can’t beat me, he knows, just like Floyd Mayweather.. I am very fast and have a lot of accuracy. Come on Mayweather, you can’t protect him forever,” he sends a message to Davis’ promoter.

Maywitter had confirmed, a while ago, that Gervonta Davis would not fight with anyone outside the Premier Boxing Champions. reverse flash He has a current contract with Golden Boy Promotions, so, for now, he doesn’t meet the requirements Tank promoters are looking for to accept the fight.

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De La Hoya gave his opinion

He also wants Oscar de la Hoya, in his role as Kingry’s promoter Jerfonta Davis Accept your boxer’s challenge and the long-awaited fight will finally happen. On this occasion, the former fighter pointed out what could happen in a fight between the two and gave a hint to him, with a clear favourite.

For De La Hoya, his disciple will be a legend

“Ryan Garcia would beat any of the world’s lightest weightlifters,” the golden boy was encouraged to predict. But this was not all, because he went so far as to add that his client would be able to liquidate any opponent: “Ryan will destroy the opponent who comes his way,” he closed.