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Revolutionizing the health of FEU

This Monday, Holguin’s delegation will be the standard bearer of the 7th National Meeting of Students of Medical Sciences, which will be held in the Cuban capital from November 10 to 13.

Eight students from the northeastern province of Holguín, representing more than 11,500 students who make up their enrollment in the medical sciences professions in the province, will attend the meeting called for by the meeting university students union (FEU) in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health.

Under the slogan “Revolution in Health”, the event aims to conduct an evaluation and analysis of the organization’s operations and movements in universities of medical sciences, and to assess the strengths and weaknesses in the development of the educational process, educational research, study plans and tasks of social impact.

This edition takes place after a brigade and institution conference process in the AAU Centenary year, for which delegates to the event have acquired better preparation and mastery for dealing with issues that lead To improve working methods and methods for political and ideological preparation and education in the values ​​of future health professionals.

He noted that the appointment on this occasion will enhance the identification of major problems in the family doctor and nurse program from the bachelor’s level, which will allow the academy to contribute to transformation and improvement.

The event will gather in five workshops addressing issues related to organic performance, teaching, research, political and ideological work, international relations, university advising and outreach.

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This will also be an opportunity for participants to discuss university students’ work on changes and transformations in the national health system.

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