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Reddit deletes all messages you sent before 2023

Reddit deletes all messages you sent before 2023

Reddit has deleted all of your posts

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These are turbulent times on Reddit, and it could be the defining last. Apparently, the social media platform has removed all direct messages sent or received by users before 2023.

The story came first in Mashable, where they reported the complaint of several users citing posts and comments that appear to have gone missing, and we’re talking about posts from only three weeks ago. In fact, one user claimed to have lost 7 years of conversations, while another posted a how-to He met his wife on reddit and that he could no longer read their first exchange.

Our colleagues from Gizmodo in the United States With older accounts verified their conversations were also deleted (luckily nothing too personal). a little Later, a Reddit admin commented on a post on the r/help subreddit, stating that the platform is migrating data to new platforms and can only copy its data for 2023.

So the question is clear: is this the end of DMs before 2023? It seems that all may not be lost. Users can request their data through the official Reddit form. One of the users who posted about the initial situation claimed that they got their messages a few days later. Reddit will apparently send the account’s messages and data in a Microsoft Word document, and while the formatting is incorrect, your history is preserved, a move similar to saving Twitter users’ tweet logs.

From Gizmodo, we contacted the social network and the spokesperson referred us to an announcement the platform made last month, at which time it confirmed that user conversations that took place before January 1, 2023 would be deleted on June 30. Reddit did not immediately respond to questions from Gizmodo about why these chats were removed.

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