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Recopa won against Flamengo

Recopa won against Flamengo

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Inconspicuous Flamengo lost the South American Cup Winners’ Cup title to Indi del Valle in the Maracana.

Flamengo vs Indiana Del Valle
picture: EFE

The Copa Libertadores champions were unable to win the second South American Cup Winners’ Cup – After the 2020 uprising – v Valley Independent. On that occasion, Flamengo beat their Ecuadorean rivals 5-2 on aggregate. This time, the story was different.

The Brazilian team looked unrecognizable and in the second half showed a complete detachment. In an action from another game and when you used up the last seconds of the game, the A goal by Giorgian de Arascaita after a good combination between Gabigol and Everton. A painful note that ended in prolonging the suffering.

And just seconds from the end, Flamengo completely broke the defense of Ecuador. Giorgian de Arascaita opened it all up after an earlier cross from Gabiol and an Everton cross from the left flank. Although the goal was reviewed by the VAR, all actions were legal.

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The Maracanã stands, who struggled beyond their limits without being able to turn around the 0-1 lead that reached Martín Anselmi’s side, erupted in jubilation at the Uruguayan midfielder’s goal. De Arrascaeta revived the mengao.

After 90 minutes and with an aggregate score of 1-1, after Mateo Carabajal’s goal in Quito, the match between the Brazilians and the Ecuadorians went into overtime.

With Flamengo in the game, the one who was dying after half an hour of play was Independiente del Valle. It didn’t take long for physical problems to appear as the minutes were exhausted. With more heart than legs, they have taken the definition to a penalty shootout.

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De Arascaita started kicking and was saved by Wellington goalkeeper Moises Ramirez. The impressive tackle that would end up being the key to the title. Lorenzo Farafelli hit a shot close to the post and scored for Independiente. David Luiz scored for Flamengo and Michael Hoyos did the same, making it 1-2.

Everton did not miss his mission and maintained Mingau’s illusion. Nicolas Previtali converted the third for Independiente. Gerson and Gabigol scored the last two for the Ecuadorians, while Kevin Rodriguez and Anthony Landazzurri ruled the perfect penalty shootout for the Ecuadoreans. A 4-5 to get a Recopa address.

In the end, the Ecuadorian team managed to pull the “Fork” out of 2020 when they saw Mingao celebrate on the same stage. This time, the Ecuadorians won the highest honor on the continent. A historic moment for Independiente del Valle.