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Reconciliation week ended at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences

Reconciliation week ended at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences

From 4 to 8 April, various reparations and reconciliation activities were carried out at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the University of Caldas, part of the claim process by students as a result of the acts of discrimination that occurred. Submitted within the said college.

Christian David Becerra, a student in the Law and Social Work program, stated that in recent days they have built an agreement, working from the institutional framework side by side with students, making proposals to respect the other, and to recognize work from the disciplines and professions associated with the university.

Last Tuesday, April 5, the Director of the Legal Department Carolina Valencia Mosquera stated that a meeting was held between the directors of the institution and representatives of students for social work and law, at which a consensus was reached.

During the meeting, students of the law program explained the context of the comparsas, explaining that they did not seek to offend any members of the community, specifically those belonging to the social work program. They also made excuses for all those affected by the actions that took place on March 31.

The short-term measures began on Thursday 7 April, during which activities were carried out on reconciliation and circles of trust between students and teachers. The traditional social service “Chocolatada” was also held, in which members of the Law Program participated.

Currently, the Intersectoral Committee of the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences will launch an agreement that includes a series of actions that work for the growth, reconciliation and construction of all programs of the University of Caldas.

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