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Puebla finds the boy who cried with emotion in the match against Atlas

Puebla finds the boy who cried with emotion in the match against Atlas

Mexico City /

after Puebla had a dramatic tie with Atlas In a duel on the 5th date of the tournament Closing 2022 subordinate MX . LeagueA photo of a young boy who was caught crying in the stands went viral because of the result.

The great goal of Chilean work William Martinez Unleash the madness of Puebla fans among them DylanWho did not hold back his tears when celebrating a draw with his team.

It’s because of that Puebla I launched a campaign to find the most passionate fans of margin And they were successful Dylanthe name of a minor, was able to watch the practice of sweet potatoes to meet his idols.

Thanks, we found Dylan! This Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you a love story: the story of a boy and his football team. Today he visited us in training To meet their heroes. This is the new generation of fans! “

“It’s a good team that never gives up. Go on the field and you won’t regret it It’s a nice experience‘ the boy pointed out.

Dylan went out with the players and coach Nicholas Larcamonwho had already at the conference after the incident highlighted the celebration as a “an awardfor your team.

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“The truth is that we We were very impressed with the pictureI think for the whole football family, this excited little kid, crying for the equaliser, For us it is very rewarding You see these kinds of pictures, because they mean it We generate identityWe are sure that these kids are the fans of tomorrow, for us the local fan base is very important… This boy named Dylan is the best example from him We love so much DylanThis feels puebla, Let them cry over Pueblasaid Ricardo Zias, Director of Sweet Potato.