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Public servants were forced to vote for Ortega.  Here is some evidence.

Public servants were forced to vote for Ortega. Here is some evidence.

On November 7, two public sector sources said that public workers would be forced to vote on the advice of their superiors, who did not want to be quoted for fear of losing their jobs.

According to a doctor working at the General Hospital, the instructions they sent to the health ministry staff were to go to the polls on November 7 and show their fingerprints marked with indelible ink on or next to WhatsApp. The day they have to report for their jobs.

But in addition to pointing the finger, workers at the Ministry of Health (MINCA) have been urged to take a photo of the marked ballot. “We have to show the sign on the finger, if you can take a picture of the ballot to show who you voted for. That’s what they told the bosses, “the source said.

Taking photographs of the ballot and forcibly proving to whom it was cast is a violation of Article 30 of the Electoral Act, which establishes “international, equal, direct, free and secret ballot, the right of Nicaraguan citizens.”

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Similarly, another source in the Nicaraguan Social Security Agency (INSS) denounces that superiors pointed to the index finger and suggested that they go to the polls early in the morning.

“Anyone who does not prove that he went to the polls already knows he will have to bear the consequences,” the INSS employee declared.

On social media, there have been reports of civil servants being forced to vote for ruling party candidate Daniel Ortega, otherwise they will lose their jobs.

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Solidarity Hospital staff at the party meeting. Social Websites

The Facebook page Actualidad con Dino Andino released a complaint on November 7 that Education Ministry employees were forced to vote.

“Masaya teachers were told today that we were obliged to vote and that the evidence should be sent to the WhatsApp group. The director told us that we were all obliged to go to the polls and that proof of that (on the photo showing the stained fingerprint and on the voting board) should be sent before 10:00 am or by 3:00 pm. Afternoon. If we want to keep our job, we have to do it, ”the citizen complained.

Alvarez asks to overcome fear in the face of threats and intimidation

For his part, Bishop Rolando Alvarez of the Diocese of Madagalpa asked Nicaraguans not to be “afraid” of the “threats” and “blackmails” that some citizens will receive within a week of voting.

“I have heard from some of the believers that in the dramatic circumstances that the Nicaraguans are experiencing, they have already made a decision in the inviolable dignity of their conscience. However, they confirm that they are being intimidated into forcing them to reveal what they do not want to reveal or do what they do not want to do,” said Monthly during Sunday service.

He further added, “No one can interfere with threats, intimidation or actions or any kind of intimidation in a decision made freely in the most sacred matter of all human beings.”

Elections on November 7 have been described by the international community and opposition groups as highly unreliable and lacking in democratic guarantees. Parties participating in Daniel Ortega’s FSLN are branded as “collaborators”.

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The parties participating in the process, called by the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), are made up of a majority of magistrates affiliated with the ruling party, the Constitutional Liberal Party (PLC), the Sandinista Front (FSLN), the Nicaraguan Christian Road Party (CCN), the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance Party (ALN). Coalition for the Party (APR), Independent Liberal Party (PLI) and Yadama Regional Party.

Forced to register the campaign

On the other hand, in view of the elections in some hospitals, such as Hospital Solidarity, another source from Minza revealed that management staff were called in this weekend to record a campaign video in support of the Santinista Front and Daniel. Ortega.

On the Facebook page of Hospital Solidaridad, some photos of the hospital center officials were released at the party assembly this Saturday.

“Solidaridad Hospital officials held a meeting of Sandinista militants with their workers, confirmed by Commander Daniel and Comrade Rosario in Box 2 on November 7. We are going for more wins, ”the release said.

There are no conditions

Jenny K., senior adviser to the Carter Center for Peace Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean. Lincoln said Friday that there were no conditions for credible elections in Nicaragua. He points out that electoral procedures do not meet international standards in electoral matters and that Nicaraguan democracy is dead because of the current situation.

“There are no conditions for credible elections in Nicaragua today, no, they are not. They are not all elections of international standards, “Lincoln told a news conference Friday.

Ortega, 37 years as a candidate

Ortega, who turns 76, has run for the presidency of Nicaragua eight times. In 1984 and 1990 he partnered with Sergio Ramirez as a racing partner. Also in 1996 he ran alongside Juan Manuel Caldera.

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In 2001, he joined his candidate Augustine Jarquin Anaya, and in 2006 he joined Jaime Morales Caraso. Then, in 2011, Ortega began its candidacy with Moises Omar Holeslevens. As of 2016, Ortega began his candidacy with 70-year-old Murillo, who presented the same formula in 2021.

He assumed executive power in two consecutive re-elections from 1985-1990 and from 2007 to the present, by judgment of the Judiciary in 2010 and constitutional reform in the National Assembly in 2014.