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Prosecutors say the U.S. Engel list may be enough to investigate El Salvador

Prosecutors say the U.S. Engel list may be enough to investigate El Salvador

Imposed attorney Rodolfo Delcado on Monday promised he needed an “objective element” to the investigation, so the list was not enough.

Corruption allegations dA list from the US released last week El Salvador’s attorney’s office told Efe on Wednesday that they would be sufficient to open an investigation into the aforementioned government officials.

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The attorney general, who was appointed by the ruling party, Rodolfo Delcado, promised on Monday that an “objective element” of evidence was needed for the trial, so the list was not enough.

“If I don’t have an objective element, I can’t say:‘ Look, I’m going to start an investigation Against these people, even if they appear on this list or elsewhere, I can not do it at this time, ”he said in a television interview.

Ruth Lopez, head of the reaction and justice law at the Christosall Humanitarian Organization, told Efe that “the lawyer is obliged to investigate.”

The so-called “Angel List” and a report by the Organization of American States (OAS) since the beginning of last June, in which “the actions of the government aimed at preventing progress in investigations into allegations of corruption” will lead to investigations by the “current administration”.

He recalled that the OAS International Commission against Punishment in El Salvador (CCIS), which the government had decided to close, had issued 12 notices to the prosecutor’s office regarding corruption allegations.

Following these layoffs, Congress appointed senior officials, including government advisers and lawyers, to senior officials, including Delcado.

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“The Attorney General’s response to the interests of the executive will not open any investigation against its officers or it will affect the image of the government,” Lopez stressed.

Eduardo Escobar, director of Citizen Action, sees the list as “the message of a crime commission, at least.”

Alleged misuse of the funds have been used for the purpose of caring for infection cicis and the court’s investigations, he said that did not add to the list.

By this he argued that “there are contingent elements to prosecute”.

Of these names revealed by the United States, half were in or close to President Naib Bukel.

The current officials from this group are Labor Minister Rolando Castro; Conan Castro, Legal Secretary of the Presidency; Carolina Resinos, President of Buccaneer; And Osiris Luna Mesa, Director of Penal Centers. Similarly, there are former government officials such as Pablo Unliger, who has been widely questioned as a former agriculture minister; Rogelio Rivas, former Minister of Defense; And Walter Arazo, one of the most active activists of the ruling party and one of the key figures behind the persecution of opponents, journalists and critics of the government.

Some of these characters have been linked to corruption, bribery, embezzlement of public funds and participation in money laundering networks. These are Unligar, Luna, Resinos and Rivas.

In addition to officials, former officials and those close to the president, there are also those on the Engel list affiliated with the FMLN and the Arena.

Assembly of the former leader, former official cikhprito Reyes ehpemelen governments, corruption, fraud and misuse of public funds, is on the list of such acts. In addition, former President Jose Luis Merino is being isolated for being part of a money laundering scheme.

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On the side of the arena, Deputy Carlos Reyes stands alone, accusing the United States of obstructing corruption investigations and unnecessarily affecting the process of selecting judges.

In addition, the former mayor of the La Union, Esuel Milla, has been accused of personally benefiting from the sale of the Marigor post to agents of the People’s Republic of China by selling the island of Perigo, and the Supreme Court’s magistrate Guillermo Wellman has linked it to China’s “evil influence” in the elections.