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After the success of the decision on luma Hernandez sings tatitto

After the success of the decision on luma Hernandez sings tatitto

Today afternoon, the House leader Rafael “tatitto” Hernandez montaces, luma Energy Committee’s request to the Legislature for the first event, the Court (DPI), had to repay Federal Court’s decision.

DPI has already ordered the company to provide the information requested by the Chamber regarding the activities of the alleged Energy Federation.

Hernண்டndez Montessori assured that this decision “proved the supervisory functions of the Chamber” in light of Luma Energy’s refusal to release the necessary information.

“Time has proved us right. Today, the audit work we have done in the House of Representatives has proven that we do not need to answer our questions, or seek help from the Luma Energy Federal Court for not providing the most important information to the country,” Hernandez Montas said.

“The federal court was determined to disclose that it had no jurisdiction, which we warned from the outset, after the Puerto Rican court ordered the Luma to respond to our request for information when we condemned it as a coercive tactic. It also reflects the existence of the Council, which decided to join the Luma, which does not provide information, and we have been working together in recent days, by law, so full transparency about the flow of information affecting the budget of Puerto Rico, ”Hernandez Montes stressed.

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By this decision of the Federal Court, is obliged to provide the necessary information luma Energy Agency Representative Luis Raul Torres, for his part, promised.

“It has always been clear to me that the Commission, which I chair in the House of Representatives, has the authority to request information necessary to oversee the use of state and federal public funds. The Ricoh court is the first instance and the federal court has claimed ownership, ”said Torres Cruz.

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“The Luma can now refuse to provide the information needed to verify and oversee its compliance with the services it has to render to our city, for which billions of dollars are being spent. Thank you. ”, Concluded Delegate Louis Raul Torres Cruz.