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Probability of tropical depression forming in Gulf of Mexico increases to 70%, projects toward Florida and Cuba

Probability of tropical depression forming in Gulf of Mexico increases to 70%, projects toward Florida and Cuba

We are constantly monitoring that Tropical disturbance investment 93L In Caribbean waters, there is a 70% chance of formation over the next two days.

8 am bulletin National Hurricane Center This indicates that the system continues to intensify.

“Environmental conditions are favorable for further development of this system over the next few days and a tropical depression is likely to develop late this week or early next week,” they added.

As the system moves northward over the eastern Gulf of Mexico, areas to monitor for progress include: Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and western Cuba and Florida. The probability of formation in the next seven days is high, 90%.


At this time, Invest 93L is the center of low pressure, with scattered showers and thunderstorms.

We’ll likely see more changes and get a better idea of ​​the timeline and implications as the system progresses into Gulf waters this weekend:

  • Monday at 8 am It is very close to the Yucatan Peninsula. The island of Cuba, including Isla de la Juventud, will experience tropical storm or tropical depression force winds.
  • Tuesday around 3pm Western Cuba will begin to feel the system’s maximum force, including Havana, Pinar del Rio, and the western provinces of the island. Then the Florida Keys will start to feel that power. Wind gusts of up to 44 miles per hour are possible in some areas.
  • By Wednesday morning, The center of the system will be near the beaches of Clearwater, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay, then it will move north of our state and across the Florida peninsula on Thursday.
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The models have zoomed in a bit more, and now the potential path includes much of the Florida Panhandle, the northwestern part of the state. However, there is much more to be said in terms of trajectory.

If the storm forms, it will be named Italia

Italia is next on the 2023 tropical cyclone list. This will be the name the system receives once it is declared a tropical storm.

We’ll extend coverage this weekend to continue tracking its path. This is our application to get weather alerts and latest updates Tampa Bay This is if you live Central Florida.

Helpful resources this hurricane season:


A survey conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) indicates that one in five Floridians are not prepared in advance for hurricane season. These are some suggestions.

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Create a family emergency plan: Make sure everyone knows how to get to a safe place, contact each other, and get back together.

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Florida is one of the hurricane risk areas: – If a tornado warning is issued, move to a central, windowless room: a hallway, bathroom or basement.

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Flash Flood Safety Tips: – Move to higher ground when a flash flood warning is issued. – Do not walk in moving water. – Do not drive in flooded areas.

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In case of severe weather: – Disconnect all electronic devices before the storm. – Stay away from plumbing systems, telephone cables and electrical appliances. – Hold onto external objects that could become flying debris. – Charge your cell phones and keep a radio with batteries handy. – Make sure you have multiple ways to receive weather alerts.

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