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Potro is kicked out of La Casa de los Famosos and nerves are on fire

Potro is kicked out of La Casa de los Famosos and nerves are on fire

The third elimination party of “The Celebrity House” had feelings on the surface.

That is, Luis was the first rescue of the night, so Hector Sandarte reported that Potro had to leave the house, and Nacho Cassano was the guard.

When the residents found out about this, they began to fight, remembering that they were already divided into groups, with Niurka and Laura Bozzo being the leaders of each group, so the departure of Potro would mean a great loss for Laura’s team.

But Natalia Alcoser, although part of the Nyorca team, burst into tears at the departure of Potro, but Laura did not keep her comments to herself and doubted her tears, because she had no friendship with the former member of “Acapulco”. to support”.

This made Natalia burst out, who asked Laura for respect, but they continued to shout at each other, for which the driver called the former member of “Survivor” a “reckless hypocrite”.

This was the fight between Natalia and Laura:

Halfway through the fight, it was Eduardo Rodriguez who made this week’s automatic nomination.

As is known, Laura has a contract with Imagen Televisión, so on the first day of June she had to appear on her TV show, so Potro’s departure was a catalyst for the driver and she exploded saying they should take out their bags Well, he wants to leave reality.

Potro kicked out of the celebrity's house