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Police say Ohio police officer shot dead 15-year-old girl with knife

Police say Ohio police officer shot dead 15-year-old girl with knife

(CNN) – Officers and body camera footage show a Columbus, Ohio police officer shooting and killing a black teenager after he tried to stab two women Tuesday afternoon.

The girl’s mother, Paula Bryant, and Franklin County Children’s Services (FCCS) identified the girl as Magia Bryant. Although local police identified him as 15 years old at a news conference on Tuesday, the FCCS indicated that the young man was 16 years old.

“Magia was a foster teenager who was in the care of Franklin County Child Services,” the FCCS said in a statement. “This is a tragic incident and FCCS continues its commitment to the family during this difficult time.”

Police responded to a call at 4:32 p.m.

Police officers responded to the scene, and according to body camera footage of the first officer at the scene, the officer approaches a group of people on the driveway outside a home.

The video shows the teenager moving quickly towards another woman who appears to be screaming, and the woman falls to the ground. The officer said, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, get off the ground!” According to the video, before the second woman appears to be stabbed.

The agent told him: go down! Under! Under! Down! ”Then shoots four shots in the direction of the teenager.

A policeman who was killed in the shooting attends, but police do not identify him. Authorities assessed the woman’s injuries and called a doctor as per protocol, Woods said.

Woods said police have no information on whether the other two were injured.

Woods said the agent will be removed from the street as the Criminal Investigation Bureau (PCI) investigation into the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is pending. Woods said the investigation then goes to the Franklin County Arbitration Tribunal and then to the Police Department for an internal investigation.

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“We know from these pictures that the agent took action to protect another young woman in our community,” Columbus Mayor Andrew Kinder told a news conference. “But tonight a family is suffering. This 15-year-old child will never return home.”

Ma’kia had a Thai nature. She encouraged silence. This is something I will always remember, “Bryant told WBNS.

Following the shooting, a crowd gathered at the scene. Some said “enough is enough” and listened to the video from the body camera WSYX-TV, CNN co.

The shooting takes place on the same dayFormer Minneapolis policeman Derek Chou has been convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Floyd Ben Crump Family Lawyer Tweeted: “While we had a collective sigh today, a community in Columbus felt the stick of another police shooting.”

The report was co-authored by CNN’s Madeline Holcomb and Chuck Johnston.