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Plus Ultra is now calling from Warsaw to Varadero

Plus Ultra is now calling from Warsaw to Varadero

Rolando Marichal Pineda, director of the Cuban Travel Agency in Matanzas, informed officials that there will be a weekly flight from the tour operator Rainbow Tours, which will be operated by the Spanish airline Plus Ultra from Poland to Varadero, starting this week.

The official said that the main sun and beach destination in the Caribbean country remains a favorite for Poles, and group familiarization visits have been organized by the tour company Rainbow to explore other options that attract more European tourists to Cuba.

Jancili Pérez Marrero, sub-delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (Mentor) in Matanzas, highlighted that Polish travelers are making trips across different regions of the country, which benefits hotel and non-hotel establishments outside Varadero.

With this flight in the current season and monitoring the activities of the Polish airline Lot Polish, we hope that visits from this country will grow and operations will expand like last year, now with its own flights where all clients are from Rainbow Tours.” he added Cubanacan Manager.

In a warm reception led by Nastia Valdes Lopez, Mentor's delegate in the territory, the travelers expressed their gratitude for the welcome and confirmed their interest in knowing the main attractions of the Cuban destination.

According to María Elena Oviedo Fonseca, General Coordinator of the Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport's Core Business Unit (UEB), the airport in Matanzas province has nearly 400 operations scheduled for this January.

Flights to Varadero in January, according to ECASA

Four months ago, we announced on these pages the completion of Plus Ultra flights from Poland to Varadero and vice versa. They will be from Warsaw to the Cuban resort. Currently, the Spanish company Plus Ultra already has flights from Poland to Varadero, but from the city of Katowice. These are every Wednesday in January.

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In addition, there are more flights from Europe, such as TUI AIRLINES NEDERLAND every Thursday from Varadero to Cancun – Amsterdam, Netherlands. TUI AIRWAYS LIMITED will continue to operate on Wednesdays from Varadero to Manchester, England.