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Pique publishes a photo with his girlfriend Clara Chia for the first time

Former soccer player Gerard Pique surprised everyone this afternoon by posting a photo with his new girlfriend, Clara Xia Marte, for the first time.

In the selfie-type photo, Xia is seen in front and Pique behind her, both of whom are smiling shyly. Shakira’s ex-partner has not written anything at the bottom of the photo.

It’s the first time the former Barcelona member has posted a photo with his new girlfriend.

This happens just over a week after the Colombian released her new song with Bizarrap “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 where the artist makes a tiraera for the couple.

In 25 minutes, the photo reached nearly half a million likes and about 40,000 comments, including many congratulations and others alluding to the song Twingo or Casio in reference to Shakira’s new song that says “I traded my Ferrari for a Twingo, I traded my Rolex watch for a Casio watch.” “.

The couple has been under fire since mid-2022 after it was revealed that the footballer was unfaithful to Shakira with the 23-year-old, a rumor almost confirmed in Shakira’s new song in which he refers to “Clara Minty” as his replacement and that “I deserve two 22”.

Part of the lyrics of the new song of the Colombian with the Argentine producer who has been breaking records in recent days says: “I was too old for you, therefore, you are with someone just like you.”

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