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Perro Bemúdez: Televisa must not share Selection with TV Azteca

Perro Bemúdez: Televisa must not share Selection with TV Azteca

Mexico City /

the matches subordinate Mexican national team Usually Watched by thousands and thousands of viewersso the dependence on the transmission is “Excellence‘, as it was a few years ago I only had a TVbut what nowParticipateWith Azteca TVwhich is something Perro Bermúdez disagrees completely.

when playing tri Viewers, based on ratings, They prefer to watch the match on Azteca TVNext to Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia (who starred in a love novel)for this reason Televisa You have to find a way to compete and beat it, something Annoys Peruvian Bermúdez.

Perro Bermúdez and the non-“exclusive” of El Tri on Televisa

in a Interview with Toño de Valdesthe Peruvian Bermúdez failed who – which Share televisa messages Mexican national team with him “embarrassed neighbor”, Because previously each team already had its own set, in Liga MX and with tripartiteBut now that has changed, so the way we compete has changed.

I do not agree at all in which Televisa awards them to the national team. because At that time the competition wasAnd They had their teams and we had ours And there was anger. Now you have the same product then, Where is the competition? Sure, they have their audience and we have ours, but I don’t agree,” said Pero Bermudez.

Despite his words, the TUDN hanging comment that “Don’t be afraid of competition”, exactly the contrary, Everyone does their job He won over his fans, emphasizing that they are co-workers and They are no longer ‘traitors’. As in the past, so it has improved in that sense beyond numbers.

‘Which – which Skill Good, Before Not because of He was very aggressive and treacherous, they attacked you, which is not there. In the end we are coworkers, the difference is that when we hold the microphone They do what they do and we do our thing‘, was sentenced.

the Bermuda dog It is one of the The main characters of Televisa Who was responsible for competing with Christian Martinoli and Luis GarciaAnd Generate one of the most interesting “snapshots” in the mathematical narrative.

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Mexico matches

The Mexican national team continues Heading to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. You decide which channel you want to watch Tri matches, but in order not to miss any of them, we will leave you below Remaining matches schedule to dispute in CONCACAF Octagon:

  • Mexico vs USA – March 24
  • Honduras vs Mexico – March 27
  • Mexico vs El Salvador – March 30