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amazing!  Chicharito introduced the new LA Galaxy costume

amazing! Chicharito introduced the new LA Galaxy costume

Los Angeles California /

the Dreams and illusions About to resume with the beginning 2022 MLS seasonwhere teams not only strengthened their teams, but also introduced many of them new outfitas was the case with Los Angeles Galaxy in Chicharito Hernandez.

the cpicture Angelino give him new local clothes, which has been classified as “Elegant and casual”, Because although it respects traditional colors and patterns, this year Include a few details that make it stand out.

Chicharito introduces the new Galaxy Jersey

the Mexican strikerwho was about to play his third season in MLS, was accompanied by to Douglas CostaLA Galaxy’s new brand promotionto Present your new shirt.

In this Jersey reigns the color Whiteas in the previous models, but what stands out is that in Neck and sleeve trim Included navy bar with stars Surrounding it, which “represents the city of dreams and the city of stars.”

baptized in the name of “City of Dreams Kit 2022”, the Los Angeles Galaxy She tries to honor the uniqueness, diversity and creativity of the city, because she knows it makes it unique in the world and makes it a trend.

the Shepherds From this shirt in navy colorLike three lines in the part of shoulderswill be dressed in local clothes in 2022 MLS season What is also worth emphasizing is that the club used both franchise players To advertise: Chicharito Hernandez and Douglas Costa.

If you like the shirt And you want to order it, it’s important to know what they have 3 models Available; the Authentic copyWhat are you worth? $89.99 (and go up to 119.99 if you want it customized), the gameWhat are you worth? $139.99 (and go up to 164.99 if you want it by name and number) and Mrshow much does it cost $79.99.

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