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Pelez and La Volpe, on replacing Cristiano Ronaldo: "What balls does Fernando Santos have"

Pelez and La Volpe, on replacing Cristiano Ronaldo: “What balls does Fernando Santos have”

Thea Substituting Cristiano Ronaldo against Switzerland Gave a lot to talk about the world. Portugal crushed Switzerland without the need for direct participation from its great reference in the last years it entered 73rd minute With everything already decided.

In a program Masters of play at TUDN, the experts decided to replace Cristiano. Former Chivas manager Ricardo Peliz was the most eloquent with his words: “What balls does the Portugal coach have? And I say it literally, any eggs Ronaldito will come, sit on the bench for me Migo, You will wait.”

It’s the first time Cristiano has been involved in this Qatar World Cup 2022-You start the game from the bench. What happened in the last match when Cristiano left furious when he was substituted in the match South Koreaannoyed Fernando Santos, Technical Portugalwhich is a reason, in addition to sports, that prompted the Portuguese coach to make a surprising decision that was widely commented all over the world.

Ricardo La Volpe remembers Cuauhtmoc Blanco

Coach Ricardo La Volpe who was the coach of Mexico in World Cup Germany 2006, I remembered Cristiano Ronaldo and compared him to what happened with Cuauhtmoc Blanco. “I’ll have a problem, see why they brought me here,” said La Volpe when asked by Peliz to talk about substituting Cristiano against Switzerland.

The Argentine said that “every coach has to decide things that are difficult sometimes. And the other time I was listening to her.” Javier Aguirre what happened to him with the buffoa Happened to me with a coatmoke (white). When a coach thinks he is not ready for a system or to win a game, you have to make tough decisions. Here they killed me today You praise the other technician for knocking out Cristiano, If you had lost, I’d like to hear what word you would have said.”

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La Volpe understands that Cristiano Ronaldo is not Headline in this Portugal: “It’s hard, we know he’s not coming and I looked Problems that you have to get a team. These are decisions that need to be made.”