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INDES will cancel the credentials of professional journals and send an audit to Fesfut

INDES will cancel the credentials of professional journals and send an audit to Fesfut

INDES President Yamil Bukele confirms revocation in coming days of Division I, II and III credentials and there will be an audit of Fesfut

At a press conference, INDES President, Yamil Bokel Explanation of what happened after the meeting with Hugo Carrillo, President of FESFUT; Marco Flores Irahita, FESFUT attorney; Mario Montrosa of CONCACAF; Hector Navarro Leal and Sofia Malaysia, both from FIFA

The President of INDES explained the full context that led to Vasvot’s non-compliance with the General Law of Sports, with the federation taking as a reference that they have their own law which gave them the Ministry of Law.

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One of the first conclusions is the revocation of the first, second and third division boards’ credentials as they were not approved based on El Salvador’s General Sports Law (LGD), as well as an audit of Fesfut by the INDES and the Court of Accounts of the Republic.

This process will be temporary, to the extent that the three professional divisions standardize their laws regarding what LGD says and at which time credentials will be given to the people who will be elected exit from these processes.

The President of INDES was very emphatic in saying “There are processes that Fesfut has to comply with with a yes or a yes, we will not support any action different from what was known in 2019. FIFA should help correct all observations until July 31, which lasts the existing credentials.”

Association of Presidents of the first division of football in El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy of El Salvador’s First Football League

The INDES president confirmed that LGD is not interfering with Salvadoran football, defending that he does not expect FESFUT to be suspended by FIFA and if that happens, “we will defend the interests of Salvadoran football”.

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The INDES captain also stated that they will soon send an administrative proceeding to prosecute Hugo Carrillo and the entire Fesfut Executive Committee, based on the LGD, at the Court of Sports Disciplinary and Ethics and Appeals for “violations committed in the last three years.”

They will open files in all the cases that Vasvot did not investigate, specifically those related to sexual harassment after investigating journalist Roman Molina which the Federation confirmed that the case had been closed and for this reason the former referee Rodolfo Cibrian was incorporated into the structure. from football.

Members of the Executive Committee of Fasfoot during the Fasfoot Congress held on May 29, 2021 at the Hector Palomo Sul Auditorium. Photo: Courtesy of Visfoot

Yamil Bukele emphasized that the table was raised when issues related to the transparency of the General Sports Law, as well as the process of electing delegates to the Executive Committee of Vasvot, were raised. “The procedure for electing Hugo Carrillo and his replacement based on the General Sports Act has not been approved and, therefore, permission cannot be granted.”he added.

“We have been patient and perfect in taking these steps that make us feel safe in the situation we are in now. El Salvador will defend itself from any position against this country, and we do not feel that the country’s government has failed.”

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