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Pedro Truglio admits it: his assessment of the Honduran national team, the annoyance of Diego Vázquez and the future of Bengucci-Dies

Pedro Truglio admits it: his assessment of the Honduran national team, the annoyance of Diego Vázquez and the future of Bengucci-Dies

The Olympiad from Pedro Truglio He started to doubt, but he quickly straightened out his team’s trajectory and is currently a captain Inaugural tournament With 11 units.

The Merengue captain took the time to speak with Fútbol de Tacón, appreciating his stay at the Merengue quite a bit, as he also took the opportunity to analyze the Merengue’s trajectory. Honduras national team Before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Lions captain also confirmed the goal set for this season and the agreement he made with Jorge Benguchi.

Does Olympia have the tournament you expected?

Don’t expect to not win three games, you always want to be first, but I know it’s going to be a tough semester for us.

How do you come to terms with being loved and having opponents?

That the opponents do not like me, it does not matter, it is normal that they do not like you or maybe they talk well in secret, but on the field they will insult you and criticize you on social networks. It pains me that the criticism comes from the club’s fan. Where do I go I don’t find much hate.

Will there be a chance to see more young people at Olympia?

The next match will be Jared Velasquez, the boy who looked good days ago on his way. I have others who played less. I have four or five guys, but I don’t like the boys to speed up the process, but it is necessary to do it so that they add the minutes.

Is the Olympia jersey a must-have for every debutante guy?

Regarding some teams, but not the same for debuting on some teams as there is no pressure to play in Olympia. Here you link two games and people insult you, they annoy you and by the way you have to put a 17 year old boy to add minutes. This happened to me last year with Josman Figueroa, the guy who added minutes and we had to speed up his work. At Olympia it doesn’t give you that sense of peace like other teams, it’s crazy here.

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Don’t you agree with that amount of minutes?

I do not agree with the group of minutes, you have to see the world and see where it is and there is almost nowhere: it is in Argentina and other places, but little. It debuted at 17, but it showed I had circumstances in which case we have to hurry to add minutes.

Which court is the most complex?

There’s a place we’ve never missed since I’ve been to, but I think it’s the hardest place, it’s Toccoa. One day I left the hotel and my face seemed to burn. Not to mention going to San Pedro Sula Al Morazan, Yankel, but the long ride, the heat, and the partying schedule put in place for you. If it is Olympia, it will play at 2:00 PM.

Are Motagua, Real Spain and Marathon still one of the toughest competitors?

Since I arrived, I have always said that the three most difficult in the competition are: Real Spain, Marathon and Motagua and they are the three with whom we made it to the finals and they complicated us. I noticed today that football in Honduras is more difficult than what I faced in 2019, the teams have changed the way they play. Real Spain is much better, Marathon improved, but Vargas was tough, he had a bad semester, he was a tough team and needless to say Motagua and we are very equal. There is also Platense with Primitivo, but Lobos and Vida are very good.

Are the teams you want to beat Olympia?

I noticed the teams played with us differently than they did when I arrived. I feel today they are waiting for us with a group of 10 players and in our own court and it is very difficult to break that. Barcelona itself is behind and it is difficult because the stadiums in Honduras do not help the ball run fast either.

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How is your relationship off the field with Diego Vazquez?

Once we were at a banquet at the Argentine Embassy and we always had a good relationship, but I didn’t like his last attitude of blaming me for what happened in the US, he said I got kicked and I didn’t like it. I lied and said I put it together. He had such a kind gesture when my father passed away and I really appreciate that gesture. After that, he does his job, he knows Honduras more than I do, he knows what you sell The fight story with everyone: players and coaches and it has paid off because it works, and it has won, and they talk about it. Maybe I’m not that and not the one to say whether this is true or false.

Does the classic turn out a bit?

I know two famous brothers Diego and Gabriel Milito, but in the Independiente classic they ended up insulting their mother, it’s unbelievable. Football is transforming and in the classics we deal with emotions which is a very big burden. Every week people make you feel that weight; Winning is amazing and losing is horrific and difficult.

What possibilities do you see for Honduras in these qualifying rounds?

I think he’s doing a good job, what happens is people are asking too much and history doesn’t always tell you that you beat Mexico or the United States. The national team performs well, has a good group of players and is loyal Hondurans. New litters need to be more professional when it comes to feeding. In Argentina, they love chorizo, but a footballer can’t eat that all the time, here’s a bullet, but they can’t get up every day to eat 10 bullets. I hope they can qualify, but they should know that they have two or three teams above and they are: USA, Mexico and Canada because of the economic potential. You can fight for third or fourth place, but you always know how far you can go. There are good expectations to reach the World Cup and it will be a very good leap for Honduran football.

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How do you see Jorge Benguchi at this moment?

He went to Europe when football was about to start and he didn’t have a pre-season and that cost him not to spend a year playing; So with that problem he went to the Olympic selection and obviously didn’t have a good year. I told him you have to tone up, lose a few kilos and become like the 2019 Benguchi, it’s a huge challenge we set ourselves.

Does that give you that fork to steer some choice of area?

Talking about Honduras is hard because I have a friend and a great relationship with Fabian Quito and he’s doing a great job. I like to drive day in, day out, and get up every day at 5:00 in the morning knowing I’m going to lead a team. I played the World Cup as a player and I would like to qualify and manage a team as a coach, but I’m not asking for that right away either.

Any temptation from the teams to sign it?

Many teams contacted me all this time, but nothing concrete, and while I work, there are always codes among the leaders. You can achieve something when you don’t have a team and I’m comfortable here, I hope to give people the fourth championship in a row and it will be very good to stay in the history of the club.