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Pedro Pierluisi is betting that the legislature will prevent changes to teachers' and judges' pensions

Pedro Pierluisi is betting that the legislature will prevent changes to teachers’ and judges’ pensions

A day before the hearings begin to confirm the debt settlement plan (PDA), the governor Pedro Pierluisi He admitted Sunday that the JSF was still insisting on amending the pension system for teachers and judges, but was confident they could stop it from the legislature.

The important thing is that there are no cuts to pensioners. No pensioner will see a reduction in his pension. On the other hand, the council insists on reforming the pension system for teachers and judges. But I think that legislation is required for that,” the governor said upon his arrival in Telemundo where he participated in the “Peroisi before the people” programme.

“So, however you will, this matter has not been taken up in the legislature. He will have to go back to the Legislative Assembly. In any case, it is my obligation and that of all elected leaders in Puerto Rico to respect pensions. p.Whatever happens, when government finances are in better shape, we will respect it,” added the CEO.

Federal Judge Laura Taylor Swain He will direct the ten-day sessions in which the representative of Puerto Rico will be the board of directors, in accordance with the Promesa Act, which gave the island a respite from paying its creditors and starting the reorganization process.

Representatives of the Government of Puerto Rico, as a debtor, will be responsible for implementing the PDA.

The Personal Digital Assistant Empowerment Act was approved by the legislature recently, but it still faces tough questions from sectors realizing that it’s not the best business for Puerto Rico in terms of debt restructuring.

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