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Paulina Rubio and Laura Leon and their meetings with Eduardo Capetillo and Pepe Gaitan in memory of Timberici and two women, via

Paulina Rubio and Laura Leon and their meetings with Eduardo Capetillo and Pepe Gaitan in memory of Timberici and two women, via

Paulina lived with her childhood friends in CDMX (Photo: Instagram)

On Friday, March 15, the Mexico City Arena was painted “gold” in attendance Paulina Rubio, Laura Lyon And more than 20 artists as part of 90s pop tour.

The Azcapotzalco Mayor's Office was the scene of the first encounter Timberichi With his audience in Chilango, in front of whom he sang six songs, his greatest hits such as My king, not a word, I'll do it for you And I'm still here, The songs that he managed to conquer his fans gathered in a huge space.

As the poster for the concert organized by the Borovoy Brothers also showed the presence of several artists, including Kabah, SBS, JNS, Carlos Ponce, Rebecca, Mercurio, Opsite Senses and Magneto, the special guests received a standing ovation from the audience.

The CDMX arena also saw performance Benny IbarraWho enchanted his audience with the songs that distinguished him; And also another old acquaintance from the Mexican entertainment scene showed up.

It's about Eduardo CapetilloWho resumed his career as a singer after more than ten years of absence from the stage. In addition to being one of the biggest stars of TV series in the 1990s, Capetillo also released some music albums.

Avatar TV series hero e.g dance with Me And Marimar He performed on the 1990s pop tour with songs like The woman I never dreamed of And two songs from Timberichi, With everyone but me And You and I are one.

The reception of more than 20,000 people who were present at the “Azcapo Statue” led to general applause for the member of the Capetillo family, who was wearing a dark suit and blue glasses.

“Years will pass and we will always be the same! Love you,” Paulina wrote. (Image: Instagram)

Along with Eduardo, another star from the “Timbričeska” era arrived on the nostalgia show stage. Benny Ibarra delighted the audience with his popular songs, but he accompanied his colleague Capetillo in the Timbirechi songs, where Paulina Rubio was expected to make a triumphant entrance.

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Polina did not please her fans Who loudly asked her to sing with her “brothers”, as she herself called Capitello and Benny, who received a standing ovation from the audience, especially in the context of the “eighties”.

However, the singer who permanently resides in Miami captured some aspects of her stay in CDMX and took some photos that were celebrated by her fans on social networks.

In addition to alternating with Capetillo and Benny, Paulina took to the same stage where Laura Leon sang two songs that received nostalgic applause.

Paulina and Pepe continued their solo careers outside of Timbiriche (Photo: Instagram)

After the presentation, it was announced that Paulina was able to live briefly in the dressing rooms with Eduardo Capetillo, who was accompanied by his wife, Baby Gaitan In the Mexico City Arena locker rooms.

It must be remembered that Pepe has been away from soap operas for several years Two women, one wayproduced by Emilio LaRosa for Televisa The project that propelled her to mass popularity.

Gaetan, who came to support the father of his five children, also met Laura Leon, whom he greeted and took a photo with in memory of the successful series in which he starred alongside Eric Estrada in 1993.

He won with Laura Lyon in 1993, and now Bebe is living with his co-star (Image: Instagram)

“Tania and Ana Maria are finally reunited”, “The two women are on the road, the only thing missing is Johnny with his trailer”, “Paulina, Eduardo and Pepe almost have their reunion with Timberichi”, “Pau was bloody because he didn't do it” “I don't want to sing with childhood friends With whom he became an artist,” are some comments on this topic.

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