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Paraguayan students protest fake medical degrees | News

On Monday, a group of Paraguayan medical students staged a protest in front of the headquarters of the National Council of Higher Education (Cones) to demand the rehabilitation of the medical profession at the private Maria Serrana University after it was excluded due to alleged irregularities.

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The contact is accompanied by a group of professors who also disagree with the recent decision of the governing body to close medical jobs in the said studies house.

The protest was accompanied by posters with the words “We are not ghosts”, in which students, including a number of Brazilians, expressed their position against the closure, defended the university administration and demanded the reopening of schools. medicine jobs.

One of the spokespersons, Elisangela Neres, confirmed that they are conducting training courses and that the college currently has conventions and model hospitals in several cities in the province of Alto Parana and Coronel Oviedo, in Kaguazu.

Deputy Health Minister, HernĂ¡n Martinez, said on Monday that complaints against Maria Serrana University over the delivery of alleged false titles must be thoroughly investigated and the resignation of the health superintendent, Ignacio Mendoza, must be evaluated by legal counsel.

“There must be a fairly deep investigation of all the problems that exist. The Deputy Minister of Health has made it clear that we have to transfer the resignation to the legal department so that they can decide if it is compatible.”

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The Paraguayan Medical Association also spoke about it, refused to close the university, and demanded the resignation of the director of health.

The scandal occurred after it was revealed that at least 11 students from Maria Serrana University would have had problems with their degrees after discovering irregularities, the protesters indicated. They allegedly forged signatures on their diplomas to graduate.