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Science Minister pledged to work with Universities and Gorges on a visit to the Los Lagos region

Science Minister pledged to work with Universities and Gorges on a visit to the Los Lagos region

The Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Flavio Salazar, made his first visit to the opening of the academic year of a public university on Monday, arriving at the Central House of the Chuyaca Campus of the University of Los Lagos in Osorno. .

On this occasion, he participated in the ceremony, which was chaired by the Rector of the University, Oscar Garrido, in addition to a meeting of academics and scholars from the university to discuss issues related to the region. The idea, he said in his presentation, is that scholars from each region propose solutions to regional problems to work in tandem with the portfolio, decentralizing the activity.

Salazar noted that an alliance will be established for this purpose between universities, regional governments and the Ministry of Science to develop a strategy in this regard.

Of course, the new minister indicated that 2023 will be the year in which changes in the leadership of the portfolio he leads can be observed, although during this year some of the budgets that were made in the previous administration can be adjusted.

In addition, through his visit, Flavio Salazar took the opportunity to meet with the municipal authorities of Osorno, since there was an idea to build a regional center for energy transmission in the municipality, for the efficient use of firewood. The Foreign Minister confirmed that progress had been made in formulating the idea.

The minister answered questions from local scholars at a meeting held after the opening ceremony, which he also did in the morning during his visit to the regional capital, Puerto Montt.

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